Grandkids 4

      Picture 10570: James and Alison Putnam in Wales, July 2000

      Picture 10580: Around 1155 AD the Lady Marion Carruthers lept to her death from the top of Comlongon Castle (Dumfries, Scotland) rather than marry Sir James Douglas, the man to whom she was intended but did not love. Laura took this picture of Alison (9) in front of the castle. Look closely into the tower window!

      Picture 10590: In front of Wm. Shakespeare's house, Stratford-upon-Avon

      Picture 10600: In front of The Beatles' Story (museum), Liverpool

      Picture 10610: Inside Metropolitan Cathedral, Liverpool

      Picture 10620: Alison and James at Paddington Station, London

      Picture 10630: Alison and James at Buckingham Palace on the Queen Mum's 100th Birthday (celebrated)

      Picture 10640: James and Pope John Paul II, Mme Tussaud's, London

      Picture 10650: Alison on top of the double-decker bus, Trafalgar Square

      Picture 10660: Lyn, David, the beautiful bride, Molly, Laura, Jeff

      Picture 10670: (The Flower Girl) Amelia Dutton and (The Ring Bearer) Alexander Paul

      Picture 10680: John and Samantha Gill's first dance as Husband and Wife

      Picture 10690

      Picture 10700: Amelia & Penelope Dutton dance with their Daddy

      Picture 10710: Michelle Reyes, Penelope & Bob Dutton

      Picture 10720: Rod Fox, Peg Anable, Hillary Gale, (? back), Susan Anable McCarthy, David's back, Jack McCarthy

      Picture 10730: David, Laura, Susan

      Picture 10740: David & Leah,

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