From: John Coletta

Sent: Wednesday, May 31, 2000 9:41 AM

To: Home Office; Old Chicago; Breweries



I am thrilled to announce that Lee Evans has joined our team as Manager of Taxation! Lee comes with significant experience in corporate income taxation as well as sales/use and property taxation. I firmly believe that Lee will bring new skills to our team to enable us to capture more tax opportunities and thereby increase cash flow for the company - and these are big dollars!

Lee has tremendous energy and drive and will be a great fit with our team.

She previously had her own CPA practice and served many clients with complex taxation matters. Prior to that, Lee was employed with a local CPA firm.

For those of you that don't quite know what the Manager of Taxation does, here is a hint at a very complex and important job:

        Federal income tax return (consolidated for all entities)

        Separate state income tax returns for 18 states and DC

        Many local income tax returns

        Franchise (not franchising) tax returns

        Sale and Use tax compliance and remittance

        Personal property tax

        Proposed new involvement with real estate tax (to cut costs on taxes paid)

        Unclaimed property

        Deferred income tax accounting for GAAP books

You think the GAAP accounting thing is hard, try understanding income tax code!

Please take the time to welcome Lee on board and share my enthusiasm for our good fortune.


John Coletta

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